Expectation: A Poem by Mousumee Baruah

The pied cuckoo was more euphoric than a talkative magpie.

When tar-colored clouds gradually gathered in the sky.


Soon the sky got relieved, releasing her throes.

But only I was left behind, billowed with fathomless woes.


The silvery downpour wipe away all the dust from leaves and trees

Rejuvenated trees wore a juvenile fresh look, branches dancing with the fluttering breeze.


My eyes have yet to release the cascades of pain.

Like a farmer, I too expected an exuberant rain


Rain that can drench me, can become my catharsis, a tranquilizer

And clear my  path and can  become a trailblazer


Though I know expectation hurts and is the root cause of suffering and strife.

Still, I  look forward to rhyming my life.


After all, I am human made of blood and flesh

Anticipating apathy, eyes afraid to show the tears and heart hesitate to express.


When my eyes shall able to shed tears of rain, in front of you?

For split second, beseech you to become seven colors of life, dipped in emphatic rainbow hues.


Every woman is a  seeker of emphatic heart  and it cost nothing

Yes, all are love digger and love cost nothing


Tumultuous waves broke my sand house again and again.


No qualms, I am a prisoner in the cell of expectation and hope and I shall build my sand house again and again.