The Pursuit of Love: A Poem by Mousumee Baruah

Like in a hopscotch game, that we once played on dewy drenched evenings of winter.

I  hop and skip between trance and reality with one another.

In one square, I  remain in a trance

Stretching my arms, cozying up in the imaginary ranch.

Closing my eyes, I try to hear the rhythm of the lake and the chirping of the birds above.

But I flunked to comprehend the  lyrics of love


And  in another  square, I jump to the stark reality

And search in the hustling narrow dust-filled alleys.

In pursuit of love, I hurt you.

I hurt myself, and rant and rue.

And one day I feel tired and haggard

Took rest and pause and then in solitude, I smell a fragrance emanating from my heart.


Earlier I was like a musk deer and my heart was not broken.

I understand and found the essence of love, the moment my heart was broken

When there was a hurt inside.

There enters a light insight.

I gave up chasing, leaping like a musk deer for scent, no longer hopscotch anymore.

Or recounted saga of yore.


I don’t need to follow  the fragrance of love into the wide blue yonder for I am the love

When I become love, I see love everywhere and happiness is when I realize we all are in love, we can be loved and be loved.