Eternal black: A poem by Nisha Tandon

Black, the colour so mysterious and a journey unknown

In relationships sadly as seeds of suspicion are sown 

Black, the colour of eerie darkness of a moonless night
As at a leisurely pace, the electric azure fades into ebony skies 

Black is the veil that’s adorned by the ethereal moon and stars
As the wild blue yonder is devoured by the mighty sun, The Czar

Black is the shadow that stands lonesome as night falls
A colour so misunderstood yet its silhouette enthralls
Black found tucked away in deep corners of my soul
Through life’s arduous journey dark secrets as it beholds 

Black is the void in my lonely heart that cannot be filled 
With the luminosity in the heavens, that the rainbow spilled 

Mighty black often connotates a period of grief 
Dark attires of mourners in a funeral in disbelief 

Black so overpowering, as the womb of darkness  
Of mourning, death, loneliness and extreme sadness 

A woman in black symbolizes power with promises to keep 
Authoritative and powerful, Black can evoke emotions deep 

When just everything in question fades away into oblivion 
The only truth that remains behind is the eternal black demon!