Black: A poem by Rohini J

The fear within strikes back stronger than before this time

I am trapped in the black box filled with depraved thoughts

the feeling of nothingness is choking me underneath

the darkness has surrounded my consciousness

my thoughts have taken over me and my mind is no more in my grip

the feeling of inner desolation is painful

the profound vaccum may explode any moment

I am not able to escape from the evil play of my mind

I mustered all my courage and screamed within loudly ‘ someone helps me’

the feeling of depression is blocking my own light

tears from my eyes running over but I didn’t suppress them

I could see the light peering through the cracks of darkness

transcending is the only choice I have

I explored its depth to let the light in

I filled the darkness with light and the warmth spread through me

it illuminated the positivity in me

I understood that light was only a breathe away all these days

the black box disappeared and there was light everywhere