Dreamer: A Poem by Vandana Nadar

Don’t let the dreamer in you
Believe what others say
For these are your dreams, woven bit by bit, so laboriously, day by day
Putting in all your thoughts, your passion, your love in such a way
that what comes in front of you is a manifestation of what played at one point of time
At the back of your mind, night and day.

That fantasy which others thought was much away from the reality
But it all changed
when you shaped the clay 
and strangely, you found a needle in the hay.

Earlier, those who discerned you as nothing are now amazed
They no more mock you as insane
As you have dared to make your way
keeping your faith in that speck of grain 
you see now your efforts weren’t in vain
Cause’  you have changed from dreamer to achiever!