Dreamer: A Poem by Anindita Mazumdar

Slowly entangled the thread of thine sleep
to weave the dreams and fix with mine.
If you’re the sleep and I’m it’s dream,
we unite to knit real nights that shine.
Wandering aimlessly into thine thoughts,
hover gently from one such to another.
You hypnotize my mind, body, and soul,
rest seems pointless, hence need not bother.
Perhaps, only travelers to amble,
migrate and venture, dare to start.
Explore the unknown designed somewhere
to a secret corner of my heart.

The remaining words of this thirsty heart

are described by these accentuated eyes.

For ages, they remain untold forever

while the rhythm of the heartbeats of the whole world rise

Miles apart from you, my dearest.
distance seems to be moments’ pleasure.
You fulfill the dreams beneath my eyelids,
prudently secure them as a priceless treasure.