A Womanly Dreamer: A Poem by Indrani Chatterjee

She is a dreamer of corny traits,
Never fluttered her wings beyond measure.
She never aspired to grapple the azure belt, For her affinity is embedded in the petit treasure.
Her capacious world was replenished by the cozy warmth of parental love
She and her dreams curled up undaunted in the shield of her homely pleasure.
Her dreams pertained to the concerns and expectations of her progenitors,
She yearned to observe the glistening benediction in their eyes for her,
And ever to be their obedient daughter,
She fruitfully adopted her role as a perfect peace-maker.
With time she matured ways has sculpted a world of her own,
And build a dream edifice where she reigns in peace, and blissfully handle.
She wants to summon holy vibration with her dedication,
To protect her consort and children from all that is formidable.
Her diligent execution has shaped her dream
And to play mother and wife she can move to any extreme,
To have her home shimmer with the succinct warmth of affection.
A legacy she has inherited from her mother,

Whereby she rejoices to be an achiever, as a perfect homemaker.