Withering Petals: A Poem by Jayashree Bhattacherjee

Gifted with a beautiful bewitching crimson-rose by her love, rapturous she felt
Placing it in a special vase how she desired it would never wilt
Every day she kissed the rose that to her seemed the prettiest
Its velvety petals, the softest, it’s fragrance, the sweetest
But with its transitory life the blooming flower
Was on the verge of bidding goodbye to its admirer
Slowly it started losing its bright hue and elegance
Turning from red to light brown, it lost its fragrance
One dawn she saw it ruined and shed, by the windblown
Loose petals upon the floor were random strewn
With care, she picked up the withering petals tenderly, lovingly and passionately
Kept them in the pages of her book glancing at them wistfully
Those petals had shone and shown beautiful moments in her life
Welcoming a new aura, she felt, in her love, she will always thrive
Though withered, she’ll not grieve over them, nor mourn their loss
For those are the petals of their love within, still retaining the gloss
When fresh, she loved them for their beauty, but now they are beyond beauty
Bringing him close to her, speaking of love’s tranquility
When fresh, she smelt their fragrance, but now she’ll smell them for memories
That she’ll embrace in the abyss of her heart and forever cherish.