Dream High: A poem by Ate Mamu

Spread your wings and fly, my little butterfly
To the mountains and prairie, to the wide blue sky. 
Showers of rain and strong winds on your way
Testing your strength and your will to slay. 

Swim and glide to the deepest ocean and sea
You might lose your breath and moved by the waves
Remember that you can find the treasures and wonders
Through the depths of the wild and distressed water. 

Reach for the stars, dream and follow your desire
Keep moving and keep on climbing, leave the past behind
The road you take maybe hardest, rocky and rough
But with determination and strength, you will be tough. 

The sky is too high, the ocean is too deep
Success will not happen if we stop and sleep
Fly to the sky, swim to the sea, to the best of our abilities
We will reach our dreams and catch the best of possibilities.