Passionate: A poem by Subhashchandra B. Adhav

P Positive my sky, positive my attitude
   Passionate my wings, surely I scale a new altitude
A Ambitious me, my ambition has a million feathers
    Assures me my passion, I will dare rough weathers
S Stringent my discipline, earnest my passion
    Soulful my action defines my mission
S Sun and moon, my adorable cosmic orbs, I worship their radiance  
   Stars twinkle in my heart with marked brilliance
I Iconic my achievements, my passion is the driver
   Inside of me, accomplished fairies dance with fervor
O Opportunity strikes the door I open my heart’s core
    Operational my passion, reaps chance more and more
N Night spreads dark shroud but bat’s awesome navigation
    Nest dwelling passionate bird derives invigorating inspiration
A Aims at higher, my passion splendid its goal
    Always it burns like cinder, never remains like moribund coal
T Time is precious, my passion obeys time
   Trusting to diligence, it pursues dreams prime
E Entering the desirous garden, my passion nurtures the roots
   Energetic it cultivates the tree and enjoys the fruits