Victory of Good over Evil: A poem by Subhashchandra B. Adhav

This world since its creation
Is cursed with the skewed equation
On one side is good spirit
While on the other side is evil spirit
Since its birth the world had witnessed many wars
Good and Evil spirits always fought the wars
Gods and angels are the persona of good spirit
Through human welfare they established merit
Devils and demons are the persona of spirit bad
Through the destruction, they produced results sad
Gods versus devils, the world always witnesses the continuous battle
Their the score they couldn’t settle
With love and amity, Gods wish to establish peace and harmony
While with cruel, wicked deeds devils do damages many
Compassion, sympathy are offspring of good spirit
While hate, disdain, acrimony are creations of bad spirit
Evil has its negative course; good overcomes it with positive force
While good has a positive course, evil resists it with negative force
Moral base is the strength of good
The outcome is always good
Immoral base is the weakness of bad
All it culminates into thing sad
Ultimately in the tug of war, we see the victory of good over evil
That is “Vijayadashami”-creator’s motive and goodwill