Being Human: A poem by Subhashchandra B.Adhav

Unbelievable is Ronu Mondal’s inspirational story
Ultimately her melodious voice brought her glory
Being human, it’s our responsibility to give justice to merit
On the contrary, our society dampens the meritorious person’s spirit
Pity, compassion, sympathy, charity, benevolence have the hypocritical smell of obligation
 Why obligation? When the person deserves standing ovation
Sympathy, mercy, compassion-such are the offspring of discrimination and disparity
Being human, it is our bounden duty to remove vivid disparity
Food, clothes, shelter are basic human needs to be fulfilled
Ironically ‘societal bowl’ always remains or kept half-filled
Being human, isn’t it our duty to always fill the societal bowl?
If filled, satiated would be true humanity’s soul
Destiny brought unkempt Ronu Mondal from railway platform to social media platform
Angel like Atrindra Chakraborthy and Himesh Reshammiya, being human, humane acts they did perform
 Like concealed diamond Ronu Mondal’s merit, years together suffered bane
To make her both ends meet, she was begging, is it humane?
Wonder how many ‘Ronus’ and ‘Ranas’ along with their platform songs died unsung?
Being human, if given opportunity, countless they would have been on life ladders the highest rung
How about decayed, unheeded talent in slums or pavements suffering plight every day?
Being human, we ought to show their merit a light of the day!!