O God, Be Our Painter…: A Poem by Dr. Suboohi Jafar “Aatika”

He mixes the colors so beautifully,
Always creating the perfect shade,
Adding a new color to life,
With every stroke he makes.

That light, luminous color of dawn,
The purplish hue of dusk in the lawn,
His canvas has all the innocence and purity,
Creating a shade, naive and candid, so incredibly.

He makes us hold our own blank slate,
Holding the end of the brush, to touch up our fate,
The dreams, the vision, the desires, we have,
Guide us to reach our goal, with each tiny step we take.

The shade of the stroke is the color of our potential,
The efforts and energy we invest in, make it unique and special,
Our family and friends add glitter to the creation,
The joy and sorrows we share, are its lamination.

At death, we leave this canvas in this world,
For the judgement by the others’,
Sometimes, it is treasured as a masterpiece, but sometimes as trash,
Depending upon, how good a painter we were, and the color we splashed.