Dear Life



Dear Life,

You have been kind to me, I think.

I have loved, desired and fallen

over and over again,

Therefore, I only ask for this–

Would you please,

spare me tonight?


For I claw at my neck each night,

as your affection grips me tighter.

When music floods my system,

I wish for me to love you,

Like the lovers in my songs,

but I know I won’t

once I’ve exhausted all the music in the world.


I carry your gifts around, in between my fingers

like sharp knives;

I can never put them down without bleeding.


Dear Life,

You have been soft to me, I know

For it’s you who taught me that this loneliness,

is a weapon.

You have taught me to use it to inspire love

and if not, then cause fear.

and Dear sweet Life, I thank you for it!


Sreeja Saha

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