100-Word Story


Stealing her from Doom 

Her heart was racing. Maalkin would soon put the baby to sleep and go for bath. The elder two had left for school and Maalik was in the balcony.

She heard the bathroom latch click; it was time. She gently placed it in her oversized handbag and pulled the zip. Casting a steely glance at her Maalik, she dashed off.

Her train chugged along; she rocked the baby. If they pressed charges, she would reveal that she overheard Maalik plotting to finish off his third daughter.

She could feed an extra mouth but couldn’t let one more slaughtered for gender.

Preethi Warrier


A Real Treat

It was a busy street in a new city, new country. I was filled with nervous excitement at the prospect of all the unknown adventures awaiting me.

I stopped at a bustling ice-cream shop to give myself a treat. Before I could decide, a friendly Namaste snapped me out of my thoughts. The server, greeting me with folded hands, offered a menu in Hindi!

These gestures from a person of different ethnicity left me spell bound. It felt as if the world was making space for me. A smile and Shukria with folded hands was the least I could return.

Deepti Srivastava

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