Dawn of Hope: A Poem by Jayashree Bhattacherjee

Cocooning in our houses, the world has turned upside down
Fear gripping, all living an isolated life, so lone
Days are dark and depressive, nights, black and bleak
With the raging rampant virus extensively reaching the peak
Innocent lives snatched away, families torn asunder
Dreams lost, with a host of challenges we flounder
Yet amidst all grief and gloominess kindles the dawn of hope
Immersing languid lids of lethargy, all odds we’ll be able to cope
Even in darkness, the imaginal cells start awakening
Weaving a new web with the light of energy-burning
As the nascent rays, through the haze, will pierce the clouds
They’ll remove all fears and darkness that the night enshrouds
The aurora, for sure, will replete the darkness with dewy delight
The magical morning will nurture souls with sublime beauty bright
The night will dawn, the night will mourn
Dawn will emerge stronger than sadness, brighter than gladness of victory won
This is our chrysalis moment where transformation begins
With new dreams let us sprout our colorful wings
With new strength and vim, with joy to forge ahead our way
It will be God’s greatest gift – a hopeful newborn day.