Holiday Season: A Poem by Manisha Amol

A season to rejoice! and a reason to conspire;
Against all the profanity,
Or the treason of humanity,
To create an atmosphere of amity.

Kickstarts with the culmination of autumn
Navratri sets in the festive mood awesome
Diwali decorates with sparkling fluorescence
Chhath Puja worships the powerful Sun’s essence

As the winter tip toes in with grace
Night gets calm warm are the days
Visible vibrant sky with scattered clouds
Inhale the fresh air leaving no room for a doubt

In a bond of love wrap your identity
With the near and dear ones spend the time quality
Unwrap the fearsome mind of negativity
Embrace with openness the season of festivity

As the Christmas bells ring with joy
Light up our hearts with a clamorous ahoy
To overcome the effects of any dangerous ploy
Live to the fullest best time to enjoy

New Year is round the corner
To wish all of us with a feisty fervor
No more suffering or pangs of fear
Brush aside all the worries for a bright future