A Leaf at Peace: A Poem by Parul Banerjee

I am a brown leaf preparing to touch the ground

Subtly and softly without making a sound

But I have not been like this always

I have seen my spring and summer days.

I had been firm and resolute

Proud about being attached to my routes

Undaunted by several futile attempts to tear me off

Thrilled about the battles with the winds, that went long!

I had always been strong

Except that today, when I consciously fall

Attracted by a cosmic call

I realize, this way or that I will remain connected to the ground!

Not scared of being crushed under feet

To be ground to pieces 

I know integrated or disintegrated, I belong to the earth.

It is from her that I will arise again

Taking a new form

To be reborn again after the winter

I the autumn leaf need a fall!