Broken Wings: A poem by R. Sharanya

Who does not have broken wings?
While flying to win the odds in life….
Who are aware, what clock next brings?
While targeting the goal amidst many a strife….
Problems and failures may come as a part;
That connotes not the end of the game….
Dwelling in them shall ruin mind and heart;
But hope and perseverance can help to reframe!

Better to shed tears and start afresh today….
Than to remain submerged in the unfavourable past;
Let stagnant not fears that hurdle your way;
Unless we define, there’s nothing called the last…..

In the struggle for victory in the hard race;
Obstacles may cause some dented pain….
Better not quit but mount the grit to face;
For self-confidence is the medicine for vain….

When wings are broken, gather your courage;
Heal them with wisdom and conquer the war….
Let your innate power unleash from the cage;
Because, darker the sky, brighter the star!