Broken Wings: A poem by Mir Samsul Haque

Far from comely hum of community, life is in a limbo
Fighting against the battle of life with honeyed gusto
Sorrows are unleashed, seek someone to share and assuage
A lone survivor of despondency, from distance calling mirage
And my poor soul is torn apart by the howling strife
Tremulous shadow twists the tender chord of life
Strokes of isolation deaden life’s utter sublimity
Right away everything seems morose and empty
The aching soul wears shabby silhouette
Each time reconciling the streaks of regret
Standing undecided in the dark alley of life
Encountering eerie strangers with weird motif
In the quagmire of confusion, an urge for placidity
Someone will descend and dispel my oddities
Should someone sit beside me and recite realities
Life will be smoothered for certain certainties
With broken wings, rightly now I’m an undefined bard
My frolicking heart with dry emotions are latently marred
Fretting over a fateful destiny that too vociferously
Still, I aspire a space incessantly but vicariously.