Reach for the Stars: A poem by Gigi Mejri

Provided that you have the will
Step by step, you climb the hill
Put the mountain your goal so tall
Board the ladder of success with determination
You will neither stumble nor fall

Aim high with self-confidence
Big achievements start so small
A wandering thought in the mind
Work on it with heart and soul
Then the best results you’ll find

Remember that Stardom doesn’t come at random
It is the place of those who yearn for the kingdom
Those whose crown is the fruit of what was sown
The ones who changed the world with a good deed
Who fought injustice, destruction, and greed

Stardom is a virtue that glides from above with hue
Never say “I can’t” , spread your wings and fly
Once above, the stars will be reachable
You will taste grandeur and soon impress
Those who still look for a way out from their impasse
Reach for the stars and be a model of progress