Bridal earth: A poem by Nisha Tandon

The coy Earth is in perpetuity adorned as a virgin bride
An orb of magnificence, an eternal paradise to live in
Beneath a veil that is embellished with
sequin-silver stars
And the verdant meadows touch her dainty feet to the brim

Scintillating sun cascades myriad hues across azure skies
As  honeyed moonbeams caress the tranquility of the seas
A glorious rainbow kisses the temple of the luxuriant vale
And the bucolic beauty of the skirt complemented with an array of trees

As incessant rain dances amidst the moans of the boughs
And undulating hills silhouette over the montane woods
The somnolent wind hums sweet lullabies with unrhythmic lyrics
And in these spectral illusions, one can easily delude

When the radiant glow of the sun melts into soft grey clouds
The horizon manifests to a fragmented canvas with autumnal hues
Dawn stirs the dew laced leaves to awaken their souls
And the world awaits the sky to once again turn shades of blues

The artistry of the heavenly one above is ethereal
Nature embraces flora and fauna with ever-changing seasons
With the untouched natural vista found in abundance
Mother Earth is seen as an epitome of God’s poetic creation