Braveheart: A Poem by Saysha Mor

Every day and every night the pillow cried
Seeing my plight, the bed sheets sighed

Trembling bones and a sinking heart
Barely managed to reach the charts

Checked the date in the month of May
I survived yet another day

A long sigh! It’s been a year
Without you, my beloved dear

Everyone has to leave one day
But can we actually prepare ourselves for their lay?

I can still hear your voice
But I cannot hold you, I have no choice

“I am hungry dad!”, said the 3-year-old
The only reason for me and my shaken foundations to be bold

I thought I could never deal with your absence
But her glittery eyes remind me of your presence

And even though, I condemn that I am alive
For both of you, I will try to reconcile with life