Until You Return: A Poem by Dr. Richa Garg

The time has changed,
With new friends, you have got a new name.
You have climbed up the stairs,
But couldn’t see your parents who helped you to get there.
They companied you when you were depressed,
They boosted you when you were hopeless.
They supported you when you felt isolated,
With soul and heart, their dedication was related.
They provided you with love and passion,
And never let anything adverse for you to happen.
They were the backbone of your success,
In your worst also, they came out with praises.
They presented you with sweet gift of past,
But could keep only your memories to cherish in last.
For long, they waited for your call or letter,
But to you, your forgotten parents don’t matter.
Parenting itself throws so many challenges to learn,
They will wait for life long until you return.