Betrayal: A poem by Parul Makkar

The dimple in her cheeks
Which melts his heart, 
The glee in her laughter
Like the lovely melody of Mozart. 

The depth of her wisdom
That brings life to his dying hope, 
That pair of innocent doe eyes
In which every night he used to elope. 

But each morning brings
Completely contrasting side of him, 
After all, he is married, a respected member of society
Any womanly love cannot make him sin.

No doubt she’s the ecstatic love
Of a rich, able, resourceful man, 
So what if the love is ornamental 
He brings her dazzling jewels and gifts, that he can. 

She is one lucky woman
Not every beauty finds her beast, 
She must not feel betrayed
All his nights are with her, at least.