Motherland: A poem by Nisha Tandon


India, our Motherland, is not a mere country but an emotion 
That ignites within us a fire of intense devotion 
A sense of immense pride that completely conquers 
And every Indian to its roots it firmly anchors 

The Himalayas in the north bejewels our mother like a radiant crown
Kindles in every spirited native feeling alien yet profound 
Ganga cascades like a goddess with a mystical, divine surge
As a warrior from the battlefield does it unvanquished emerge 

With Kashmir safely under its wings, there’s the advent of a new dawn 
Called paradise on Earth, it replicates the lustrous moon that is often forlorn
So ethereal yet the enchanting beauty of our opulent nation 
It is God’s most unique and artistic creation 

The armed forces have time and again preserved her sanctity 
And benevolently laid down their lives to safeguard her dignity 
No class, creed or religion they see in their supreme sacrifice 
Under these Bravehearts, our Motherland is an eternal paradise 

Each Indian is impassioned when the tricolor flutters high
Diverse religious beliefs at that moment do it glorify 
Every soul is stirred as Vande Mataram echoes in the air 
Carried through generations, a legacy that’s so rare 

India, in every heartbeat her name is deeply inscribed
The feeling that’s nurtured can never be described 
We celebrate its grandeur and hold it in great reverence 
Of every Indian’s life, it is a spiritual and divine essence