Beauty with Brains: A Poem by Ankurita Khajanchi

Accoutered in satiny brocade, adorned with fineries
She was vivacious, blessed by the Divinities
The eyes that were ocean, unfathomable but brown
The tresses that were cascade, tucked into a silken crown
The solitaire eardrops cerebrated the sun and the moon
Beauty so royal, the princess was an epitome of June.

Bathed in wisdom, a sagacity beyond her years
She was alacritous, knowing no fears
This winsome damsel, was an exceptional erudite
Proficient in tenets, professed in dagger-fight
Her brilliance shone upon the kingdom, wreathed like a halo
Beauty so shrewd, the princess was an epitome of Apollo.

Born in the realm where zephyr could be tamed
The recitals of riches, were beyond the peripherals acclaimed
But draperies all sumptuous couldn’t dazzle her vision
And perspicacious insight, inhibit no reason
Her magnanimity outshone all the worldly treasures
A beauty with brains, munificent by all measures
Astute yet benign, her heart was a golden regalia
This beauty so prudent, the princess was an epitome of the generous Elia.