A Myriad of Colors: A Poem by Jayashree Bhattacherjee

Nature is resplendent with a myriad of colors
Enchanted, enticed the living luminous tints I watch for hours
I feel so inspired by these bright ‘n blazing heavenly hues
Bringing smile to my face, new vigor and energy in me they infuse
Shades of translucent rainbow cast its grace on my embellished life
The golden glow of the morning sun makes me forget my strife
I get soaked in the incredible splendiferous tinctures of the setting sun
That fills the Western horizon when the day’s toil is done
Flamboyant fragrant flowers imbue a distilling technicolor vision
Multidimensional manifestation of divine creation makes me Elysian
These colors drip profusely into the river of my life
Nature and life inseparable, I’m charged with positive vibes
Those iridescent mottles explode from my heart
Rejuvenating to the vibrancy of the colors of love
But shockingly ‘ n suddenly one day the world came to a screeching halt
No more could I reach out to the dazzling dapples of gold
For colors have started to play illusive vibes these days
Metamorphosed into unrecognizable colors of blacks and greys
Now eagerly we wait for the palette to revive those chatoyant colors
For without them life has lost all its vivid flavors.