Princess of Quondam Matures to Mistress of Onus: A Poem by Indrani Chatterjee

The fortress of her progenitors,
Long ago she was the only princess,
Her regal province of flamboyance
That compiled her life like bed of roses.
She sailed her mast amidst abounded cerulean
That made every episode of her life replete,
Nature’s dulcet notes and vernal hues
Made her mellifluent cadence and postures complete.
Oblivious to time’s stringent transitional phases
She emoted her steps in the way of conducive pursuit,
But the cryptic approach of life’s preponderance
Nudged her aureate longings and innocuous attitude.
Waiving her parental shield
Her maiden years matures to womanhood,
She is obliged to step out to explore an uncouth world
For her onus is beckoning her to untrodden route.
The tinkling of her anklets and dangling of bangles
Weaves her story of fortitude,
Not princess anymore, but mistress of her domain

She has to authorize her role with diligence and certitude.