A kind soul: A poem by Bhargavi Ravindra

One who sheds tears for the loss of humanity
One who walks extra mile to uphold one’s dignity
One who amidst all the negativity reflects positivity
What would you call such a person?

An animal wreathing in pain .he rushes to help
A child with his kite in thorns, he rushes to help
In a world where no one helps, he rushes to help
What would you call such a person?

Ever thoughtful of others struggles and needs 
compassionate and loving in words and deed
Very contented, not giving into materialistic greed
What would you call such a person?

No yardstick to measure the goodness of a heart 
No wealth to ascertain the richness of a heart
No balance to way the sheer purity of a heart
What is that outweighs all our calculations?

One who holds and  keeps at bay a brewing storm
One who works for peaceful coexistence as a norm
Who has seen a soul to attribute a physical form?
Is  S/He not a divine, noble and a kind soul?