A Memorable Train Journey: A Poem by Manisha Amol

Tossing and turning on the berth groggy,
Covered my face with a warm blanket furry.
Completely unaware of what was in store?
Shut my eyes to sleep and snore!

A talk dark man clad in a long overcoat;
Seated opposite maintaining a calm demeanor,
Nondescript features outside the window peeping,
Eyes moving frantic as if keenly searching.

Suddenly a group of alert men walked in,
Looked like commandos in civil clothing!
Spread around randomly to go unnoticed quietly,
Talking less though gesticulating mildly.

Trying to keep a close vigil awaiting the moment,
The train jerked to a screeching halt into the station.
They positioned to pounce on him hurriedly,
Oblivious of the situation he held me suddenly!

Felt the hard gun nozzle against my temple,
Streaks of sweat on my cheeks trickled.
Caught off guard with a hard push from behind,
Fell on the floor in the blanket entwined.

Hastily the men neutralized the man!
Was a dreaded terrorist aboard the train.
A memorable train journey never to forget!

A life-threatening nightmare with no regrets!