A Ray of Hue


In the vast tapestry of life’s sombre weave,

Emerges a singular ray, an enigma hard to perceive.

Amidst the tenebrous expanse it dares to break,

Its luminous visage, neither serendipitous nor sedate.


Not tethered to the prosaic realm of the known,

It emanates an essence, uniquely its own.

In the milieu demanding congruence and form,

This spectral beam remains aberrant, yet warm.


Perhaps birthed from the cosmos’ clandestine ballet,

Or an alchemy of light, in recondite display.

To the discerning eye, it might signify an epiphany’s birth,

To the pondering soul, a deep dive into life’s girth.


Such is the enigma of this ethereal beam,

Challenging doctrines, making the arcane mainstream.

In its silent resonance, a dictum profound and true,

Dare to be distinct, in every shade and hue!!


Dr. Vedha Surendra