From the Diary of a Book Lover


The hugs alternated between tight and light.

There were times when it choked me tight

At other times it was just a quick touch, a mere caress almost like a breath

In places, it warmed me that made me feel wanted and safe

At others chilled me to the bone, sending shivers up my spine.



There were times, they spoke to me saying I am here for you

Sometimes it pushed my horrified mind away

At times my heart raced at others it calmed

I cried some and chuckled more

At certain times fast at others slow.


There were times, it took me to other worlds

Often it was closer home

There were times, I felt I couldn’t breathe

And others it took me into its dreams.



As I placed a bookmark to mark my space

And abandoned it for the night

The words therein continued to engage, envelop, heal, ruminate

And I wait to pick the book up the next day

As my tryst with it is unbroken.


Chandrika R Krishnan

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