100-Word Story


The Final Race

What thoughts swirled in Pearl’s mind when her owner pulled the trigger? As long as she brought home trophies one after the other, she was the pride of the stable. People gushed about her stamina. Ecstatic journalists vied with each other to get that perfect shot for their papers.

All it took was one loss at the racecourse.

Pearl trotted to her master, but he didn’t nuzzle her neck. She stood there, dazed. When the bullet finally met its mark, the mare felt a sharp pain searing through her body. As she fell, she found herself losing faith in humanity.

Narayani V Manapadam



She was ready to bloom and blossom, but the unexpected arrival of the gale made her vulnerable. The tempestuous winds and pounding rainfall threatened her existence.

“Seems like heaven wants to nip me in the bud.”

She swayed and stooped, and held on to her dear life with determination. I feel like an ant caught in a tumultuous turbulence. But I won’t give up so easily. I’ll use this challenge to my advantage. The flashes of lightening elevated and electrified her spirit. It helped her, a fragile bud, to brave the storm with resilience and bloom into a resplendent flower.

Moumita Dutta

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