A New Beginning: A Poem by Dr. Balesh Jindal

When the deadly, damned dust
Settles in nasty, crusty corners.
When the trough of tears
Dry up on their way to a cry.
I open my chafing mouth to smile at
Solitary strangers, more lonely than I.

It is when you feel a choke and a gag.
It is when you feel the seething world is
Sinking swiftly beneath the feet,
It is when the purple clouds come
Agonizing and angered.
Decadent in derision.

This is when I look out at the sea,
With not any hope.
Sobbing, searching, scanning the horizon.
I will not sink,
I shall not sink
Holding on to little wimpy, wispy
Creepers of hope
Hoping for A New Beginning!