A New Beginning: A Poem by Rupal Desai

(This poetry is in remembrance of brutal incidence on Manipur Rape Victims)

Ever experienced…
Flapping of tender wings in the cage ?
your shrill cry for help,
but.. could only hear….,
dead leave’s crushing response ?
Ever experienced fearsome tremor in vein
as if heart wants to flee away from cage?
Brain goes vacuum…blank.
Fear resides in each body part?
Ever experienced..,
frozen tears waiting for…
the doom moments?
And It comes…with many wolves?
Together they eats you alive.
Your mouth is shut.
Eyes widened with fear and pain.
Shattered, wrinkled, broken..
and blood stained…
You are left alone to die.
Have you ever felt that anguish?
Feel that emotions.
Only then..
the new era of compassion..
will begin.
A long awaited New Beginning.