A Day Without You: A Poem by Shashi Dhar Kumar

In solitude, a day unfolds,
Without your presence, stories are untold.
The sun still rises, painting the skies bright,
But without you near, it lacks its light.
The world goes on, its rhythms keep,
Yet my heart feels an emptiness deep.
Your laughter’s warmth, your gentle touch,
Now memories linger, longing so much.
The birds still sing their sweet refrain,
But their melodies now echo in vain.
For without you here, the harmony’s lost,
A symphony incomplete, emotions tossed.
The flowers bloom, their colors bloom,
But their beauty pales in your absence’s gloom.
The breeze may caress, whispering softly,
But without you, it feels cold and aloft.
In every moment, I yearn for your embrace,
Time moves on, but my heart’s in a chase.
A day without you, a void I feel,
Until we reunite, the void won’t heal.
So I’ll wait for the day when we meet again,
Together we’ll mend, and love will reign.
Until that moment, I’ll cherish the view,
Holding on, awaiting a day with you.