The Journey Alone: A Poem by Manisha Amol

The vivid images of the ever-changing landscape
Driving alone calmly at an unhurried pace
Passing through rolling hills gurgling brooks
Mind stood peaceably amongst thick woods

Deep forests with a fear of wildlife encounters
Eerie stillness interspersed with birds twitter
Patches of disembodied surroundings shrouded in mist
Spectacular scenic beauty unexplainable in a gist

Soft breeze paving its way amid colossal trees
Dew drops on leaves shone like a golden sheet
Colorful flora and fauna wafting natural fragrance
Undulating green fields with varied hues at a distance

Soul-stirring immensity of the azure sky
Waning afternoon welcoming the falling night
Waltzing and singing with the hums of the wind
Bracing the moment of the rendezvous imminent

Wondering at the wonderment of nature wondrous!
Drove past this natural beauty miraculous!
To experience in person your persona glamorous
Laden with love of torrential downpour fabulous

Whirlwind of your thoughts in this journey alone
Thumping heart like constant bleats of a rubber horn!
Could wait no longer to be with you soon
Eager to see my feelings mirroring in your own!