Conversations with Nature: A Poem by Manisha Amol

Whenever you are feeling low and wallow;
Try conversing with the moon’s sparkling glow!
Uplifts the mood, a joyful riddance,
Brightens and enhances the facial radiance!

If anxiety is brimming the mind;
Interact softly with the wind chime,
Serenading tunes emanating out of the strings,
The euphonious music of the wafting wind!

At times when fear grips the broken soul;
With constant hammering of life’s rigmarole,
Lie face down in the cosy lap of a green field,
Feel the divine warmth of a protective shield.

A lot to learn from nature’s giving;
Demanding a wee bit always forgiving,
But not to mess with the ecosystem or destroy,
Neither take it for granted nor create a ploy.

Observe closely the birds perching and tweeting;
Soak in the melodious sound of their chirping,
An adorable companion to break the monotonous silence,
Rejoice with the bounty given in abundance.

Nature’s conversational effect is a calming potion!
Soothing to the body like a creamy lotion!
Every breath of air we inhale is priceless!
Absence of it will make us lifeless!