A Girl’s Cry


I heard their cries before I could open my eyes,

Oh its a girl! They all sighed.

No, it could not be me, I thought,

After all, I am just a new born child.



Time passed and I learnt what they meant,

I had restrictions wherever I went.

They made all rules for me to live,

Price for being a girl I had to give.



The world was beautiful, I always thought,

Even if sadness, it sometimes brought.

I had dreams, I wanted to fly,

I knew my limit was only sky.



Life’s journey seemed to get tough each day,

You can’t dream, you are a girl they say.

That’s all I had been told all my life,

When I was a daughter, sister or a wife.



Why is this a plight of girl in Lord’s empire?

She lives her life for others, no one admires.

Girls have the power, they create life

They are also human, people don’t realize.



To ask for favours, Gods and Goddesses we make,

While the power on earth keeps fighting its fate.

I pity the people who think girls are a curse,

For they will soon know that boys can be worse.



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