I’m a Woman


I’m the morning mist veiling the green hills

I’m the silvery dew dazzling on rose petals

I’m the rain creating rainbows in the skies

I’m the still lake reflecting bits of sunshine


I’m the tidal wave crashing on sandy shores

I’m the flashflood uprooting the earth’s floor

I’m the hurricane carrying everything in my way

I’m the hailstorm destroying cities in a day


I’m the drizzle bringing forth trees from seeds

I’m the river giving all souls the final release

I’m the delta spawning civilizations that bred

I’m the ocean churning up both life and death


I’m not limited by my shape or the path I make

I’m not limited by my color or the form I take

I’m pure, I’m love, I’m the incarnation of strength

I’m gentle, I’m powerful, I’m water – I’m a woman


Rupali Mistry

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