The Wild Zone


Rebellious and strong- epithets that aptly describe my persona

I am not a damsel in distress like Snow White

Or passive and submissive as Cinderella

I don’t fantasize about a knight in shining armour

To rescue me from life’s troubles

I am neither irrational nor shallow, as often perceived


You delve deep inside the recesses of my mind

And you will find,

The burning desire to throw the hackneyed notions of feminine beauty behind

To achieve equality for my fellow mates in the rigid patriarchal structure

To achieve my goals and fulfill my ambitions

To write, express and convey as much as my male counterparts do


I absolutely love William Golding for having proclaimed us to be far superior than men

After all, we give birth to the entire humankind,

We are the life-bearers


Such is the irony of our life

Endowed with nobility by the Almighty

But suppressed by the “superior” gender


But I will protest, I will rebel against the unfair norms

Until I reach the “Wild Zone”

Far away from the choking restrictions of the male tradition


Staffy Bhateja

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