A gentle knock to the heart: A poem by Dr. Sonia Gupta

O’ when I met you for the very first time,

My soul started dancing like a wind chime,

Your innocent smile mesmerized me,

Igniting a lovable spark within me!


Your soft, tender words touched my soul,

I got drowned in your love as a whole,

Eyes started glittering like a diamond,

Feet started floating in a lovable ocean!


When the very first time you had held my hands,

I didn’t want to go away from you in any chance,

Embraced in your arms, I had forgotten the whole world,

I found as if I had met my beloved!


Your love started flowing in my every part,

And it was a gentle knock to my heart,

That opened its door for someone special,

Created within a temple enlightening a love candle!


What a magic, love created at that moment,
When I was blessed with a precious ornament,
Aha! so magnificent was that first love night,

When I found the real purpose of my life!