A bouquet of love: A poem by Nisha Tandon

When I first lay my eyes upon you
I felt a gentle knock on the doors of my heart
Is this what they call “ Love at first sight”
Or something else between us was about to start

I yearned for a mere glimpse of you then
Your absence often created an emotional void
And whenever you happened to glance a look at me
That little smirk of yours always left me overjoyed

Butterflies in my stomach and a sparkle in the eyes
Heartaches that often left behind traces of endearing pain
Your thoughts made me blush, oh!  my sweet crush
I felt like a buoyant teenager all over again

There was a surge of emotions and undying passions
As my pounding heart was torn by an internal strife
I was trapped in the realm of a surreal world
And you became the missing piece in the puzzle of my life

The gentle knock on my heart I could no longer ignore
And just then I decided to open the enigmatic door
As my hands reached out to let my beloved in, I realized
Alas!! It was a dream that sadly left me asking for more