A dream come true: A poem by Bhargavi Ravindra

I rested my head on the windowpane, eyes feasting 
On the retreating shadows of sunbathed evening.

The flock of Birds on their homebound journey, flapping wings 
Wondered, how beautiful if our dreams too could grow wings.

Dreams are dreams all the way, however big or small 
To make it happen in spite of odds; no price, no order is tall.

Dreams remain dreams, in earnest unless perceived
Self-motivation, self-driven and focused, until achieved.

You are worthy of your wildest dream, always remember
No one ever can snatch it from you unless you falter.

‘Oh! It is like a dream come true ‘ is an oft used phrase 
Life doesn’t offer it on a silver platter unless you chase.

sun rays pass threw water drops, the result is a rainbow
Dreams shine thru the eyes, fills up with radiance and glow.

Nourish and cherish your dreams, give all that you can give 
 Moment your eyes are devoid of dreams, you cease to live.

You can go as far as you- dream, wish, think and imagine 
Dreams come true, if only you wake up and believe in.

‘A dream come true’ is not an event, a situation, a milestone 
‘A dream come true ‘ is a feeling known to your heart alone.

A dream in the confines of your eyes is just like a prisoner 
Break the shackles, set it free to fill your world with color!

Never give up on your dreams because they can come true
Live them every moment of your life for dreams to come true.

I, for one always dreamt dressing my thoughts in colorful attire
Today, it has come true as I present myself to the world as a writer!