Circle of Life: A poem by Bhargavi Ravindra

As a child, was in awe of circular things, around
Bangles, wheels, moon…….held me spellbound

No start, no finish, oh ! how very fascinating 
This concept in geometry was mind-boggling!

The journey of life, birth and beyond what a marvel
Grew up to understand, life goes a complete circle! 

On the canvas of life – patterns, pictures; hold you
Endless designs of hope, circling and returning anew.

What you sow so you reap, comes back in a heap
Stood the test of time, Life’s philosophy so deep.

Life is a circle of varying radius, varying boundaries
Follows the dictums, center holding all the mysteries.

A bubble bursts in joy, to perish in the dust next moment
A flower blooms in full glory, new seed to bring out

Every point on the circle of life is its beginning and ending 
It is our take on life that shapes our viewing and reviewing.

scattered water drops together emerges as a big circle 
A huge wheel of life -you like it or not – will turn a full circle!

The Earth, Sun, Moon and all that we love are circular
LIFE – From dust to dust – God’s wonder of wonders!