A bouquet of love: A poem by Amrita Chatterjee


A bouquet of love my life accentuates, 
The flowery fragrant affection in every cell permeates, 
Imbues my existence with its everlasting essence, 
Reminding me forever of your assuring presence. 

The rich scarlet of the petals of the rose,
Ensures our desire for each other forever grows,
The stalks of luxuriant purple iris opulent, 
Values of faith,  loyalty at all times prominent. 

The myriad colors of the effervescent gladioli,
A joyous celebration of our love so holy.
The exquisitely crafted white dainty daisy,
A friendship innocent with streaks crazy. 

A cluster of soft pink-hued blushing peonies, 
Spreading joy and warmth devoid of agonies. 
The intricately patterned exotic orchids, 
A source of strength in times torrid.

The flowers if feelings deck love’s bouquet, 
The many shades of tenderness they essay. 
When words fall short and emotions fail to convey, 
A bouquet of love is sure to find out a way!