The magic called love: A poem by Amrita Mallik

The inclement weather I couldn’t stand,
The ferocious storms and the pelting rain,
Or, the frosty breeze and the sweltering heat,
O, spare me, now, I pleaded in vain.

Hence, I shut the doors and windows tight,
Lest the severity ravage and asphyxiate me,
The warmth behind the closed openings,
Thawed my cowering and hapless heart.

However, gradually, it began to dampen,
My buoyant spirits and trust I lost,
Zombified I was becoming emotionless,
Wading mindlessly through my deserted life.

And, then I heard a gentle knock on my heart,
Misgivings cajoled me otherwise,
Yet, this time, hope won over my fears,
And, I managed to break open the rusted gates.

The winds refreshed me and so the sunshine,
I inhaled love and scourged my tampered soul,
Pure love is indeed magic, I’ve felt thus,

Crushing every fear with generous affection.