A bouquet of love: A poem by Sheela S. Iyer

As if cupid’s arrow fell from above
Instantly, I fell in love.
Arduous to describe in words
A language only a heart knows.
Bouquet of our love is fresh even after two decades
Our heart knows, this will neither die nor fade.
Difference of opinion never allowed love to turn bitter
Our life is packed with warmth and glitter.
We wrap up arguments and fights before night falls
We wake up smiling as the dawn bird’s call.
Our love is so pure and invincible
Ups and downs easily we handle.
At times our lips remain silent and eyes talk
Holding hands, miles we can walk.
There is a lot of respect for each other
Wish to age gracefully together.

This bouquet is the best part of my life

I feel so proud to be called your wife.