50 Word Stories



“Look! The two strips are strongly announcing your motherhood.”
The elderly lady who had thrown words of accusation on her, calling her barren, was busy distributing sweets.
Did she realize that it was her son who had to undergo treatment to father the kid?
Why is the girl always blamed?

Sudha Vishwanath


Ramya, a lonely child, would walk to school everyday. She looked happy these days. Mom surreptitiously followed her to find out the reason.

On her way, Ramya sat down on the roadside with an old woman, sharing her lunch and listening to stories.

Mom smilingly waved at Ramya’s newfound companion.

Manisha Amol

The Gift

Her gleaming face expressed her love unabashedly, and I rushed toward her with the same eagerness. As I came closer, I saw what she had held in her mouth- her newborn pup. She had brought it out of hiding, only for me!

The most precious gift bestowed so unconditionally: Trust.

Vandana Nadar

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